Schwazze Celebrates its First 4/20 With Historic Company Milestones

Company recognizes cannabis cultural touchstone with new brand launch and acquisition announcements

 DENVER, COLORADO – April 20, 2020 -- Schwazze, formerly known as Medicine Man Technologies Inc. ("Schwazze " or “the Company")  celebrates the significant date of April 20 with two company announcements: the launch of its new corporate brand, Schwazze (pronounced SHHwahZZ).; and its successful acquisition of dispensary brand Mesa Organics and leading extractor and manufacturer Purplebee’s—marking the first steps toward becoming one of the largest vertically integrated operators in cannabis.

Schwazze selected the April 20 date in recognition of the day’s importance for the cannabis community. Today marks the first of many milestone anniversaries for Schwazze that will take place on April 20, as the Company grows for years to come.

“I’m honored to celebrate my first 4/20 in the industry as I continue learning and growing with the cannabis community,” said Justin Dye, chief executive officer of Schwazze. “The new Schwazze brand reflects our admiration for the multifaceted power of cannabis to improve the human condition. With the official launch of Schwazze and our first closing of many announced acquisitions on this date, we are celebrating both the industry’s rich history and our own Company creating the next era of cannabis.”

Bob DeGabrielle, chief operating officer of Schwazze and owner of Los Suenos Farms, one of the Company’s announced acquisitions, is an industry pioneer who has helped shape the evolution of cannabis as a regulated industry. “As an early entrepreneur in the Colorado cannabis industry, I’m proud to have watched the definition of 4/20 expand to reach more people” said Mr. DeGabrielle. “Schwazze has a mission of catering to all consumers whether they are longtime participants in 4/20 or they are new to cannabis. It is exciting to be part of an innovative company that is blazing the path for consumers and the industry–especially in today’s climate, as officials recognize cannabis as an essential industry.”

The Schwazze corporate brand launch and first acquisition with Mesa Organics sets the stage for a new phase of expansion. Schwazze is currently in the process of completing the announced pending acquisitions and has outlined a strategic plan for growth across its cultivation, retail, manufacturing, and consulting capabilities.

“The Schwazze launch on 4/20 defines what cannabis means to us, and what it means to advance the cannabis plant’s potential to change the health and well-being of our customers,” said Shane Sampson, chief marketing and merchandising officer of Schwazze. “In this new chapter of company growth, we are bringing the Schwazze brand to life through trusted products and experiences centered on our customers. We are bringing together a house of brands focused on growth and unparalleled innovation across all aspects of the industry.”

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 About Schwazze

Medicine Man Technologies, Inc. is now operating under its new trade name, Schwazze. Schwazze is executing its vision to become one of the nation’s largest vertically integrated cannabis holding companies by revenue. Upon the completion of its announced acquisitions, its portfolio will consist of top-tier licensed brands spanning cultivation, extraction, infused-product manufacturing, dispensary operations, consulting, and a nutrient line. Schwazze leadership includes Colorado cannabis leaders with proven expertise in product and business development as well as top-tier executives from Fortune 500 companies. As a leading platform for vertical integration, Schwazze is strengthening the operational efficiency of the cannabis industry in Colorado and beyond, promoting sustainable growth and increased access to capital, while delivering best-quality service and products to the end consumer. The corporate entity continues to be named Medicine Man Technologies, Inc.

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